Bingo free bet bonus codeAutograph Bingo Game

Summary: Autograph Bingo is a simple icebreaker that asks people to mingle and find people that match interesting facts listed on a bingo card. The game is useul in that it causes players to discover interesting and humorous facts about each other.

Ages: 12 and up. Recommended of people: Larger groups of 24+ people. Messiness Factor: No problem. Materials required: bingo cards prepared in advance and writing utensils. Recommended Setting: Indoors.

Autograph Bingo is a fun way to help both new acquaintances and old friends discover facts about each other. The goal of this icebreaker game is to mingle and obtain the signatures of people who have the facts listed on their bingo card. Just as regular bingo rules, once a player successfully obtains a full row (5 in a row) on his or her Bingo sheet, whether obtained horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, he or she shouts BINGO!

Prepare a table with 5 rows and 5 columns (55), with interesting facts inside the boxes. These facts can include humorous or bizarre things. For example you can use facts such as:

Try to be as creative as you can. Like traditional bingo, you can mark the center square as a Free Space. After you are finished preparing the table, print out enough copies. You are ready to play!

Pass out pens and the bingo cards to each player. Explain the game along with the following rule: each person you talk to may only sign your sheet once (so that people can interact with as many people as possible). When everyone is ready, say Go! and begin the game! Once a player shouts Bingo! everyone returns to the center and the person must introduce the people who signed his or her sheet. If desired, you can ask each person to explain their fact.

The Autograph Game is a great way to learn humorous or unique facts about people. Have fun!

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