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well be extracting risk-free cash from the sign up bonus offers that each Aussie bookmaker offers to new customers.

Anybody with a residence (even temporary) in Australia can make up to $175 in less than 30 minutes with this no-risk matched betting guide.

The tutorial is detailed but the process is simple. I want to be comprehensive so please read through once to get the idea before completing the 8-step guide, make sure you understand how it works and

After we extract the profit from the first sign-up bonus bet, we can then replicate this technique with thesign-up bonusesbeing offered from all the other big online bookmakers.

The only risk is a human error so if you have

any questions or concerns email me at  or leave a comment below.

No Risk Matched betting is a betting technique used by individuals to profit from the free bets and incentives offered by bookmakers. It is generally considered risk-free as it is based on the application of a mathematical equation rather than chance Wikipedia

How Is no risk matched betting 100% Risk-Free?

We leverage free bonus bets and turn them into cash without risk.

We make our money through thegenerosityof the bookies, each bookie offers a sign-up bonus generally matching your first deposit within the range of $20-$500. (Eg. if your Qualifying Bet is $50 you will be awarded a Bonus Bet of $50 = $35 no-risk profit). So we leverage free bonus bets and turn them into cash without risk.

Generally, the bookie wants you to bet through your deposit first toqualify for the free bet. Dont worry were too clever for that gambling nonsense. This is why we both back and lay the bet on two different bookmakers as explained in the tutorial. Hence we cover both outcomes ensuring we do not lose our original deposit and by unlocking our bonus bet that we can extract our profits from later.

Yes, you are free to do what you like with your sign-up bonus bets. The bookies would of course rather you gamble it blindly, but in this tutorial, you will see how we guarantee a profit from it by using the matched betting technique in the 8 steps below.

Some terms you should be aware of before starting the 8 step guide

This is a betting exchange where you can bet against other people and play the role of the bookie. This is where we place our opposing bet (the lay bet) to cancel out our bet with the bookmaker, ensuring we dont risk our initial deposit. We will be usingBetfairin our example. There are many but this is the most user-friendly to start with.This is a standard online bookmaker such as Sportsbet, Ladbrokes, William Hill etc. these are the companies we sign up for and turn their sign up bonus bets and various promotions into risk free profit using the matched betting technique and arbitrage in the 8 step guide below.We will be using Sportsbet in the guide as they are the easiest to begin with. If you already have a Sportsbet account you can use any of thesign up bonuses hereto get going.The back or backing bet means that you are betting on the outcome of the game. We place this with the online bookie who gives us the bonus. In the tutorial well be placing our back bet usingSportsbetsfree bonus bet. If youre already a member you can get the sign-up bonus bet off any of the bookmakershere.

I back a bet that Manchester united willWINwith Sportsbet.

This is simply a term for placing a bet that an outcome will NOT happen, we do this on the betting exchange.Betfairis the exchange we will be using as they are the most popular and easy to use. This means that you are able to place a bet that covers the opposite outcome of the back bet.

On the exchange, Ilaya bet that Manchester United willNOT WIN. This means that Chelsea winning and the Draw are covered.

Usually with a matched bonus bet from the bookies you are required to bet through your deposit before you can withdraw, this is called the qualifier bet as it is used to qualify us for the free bonus bet. (By using the back and lay technique in the tutorial we dont lose this as you will see later when going through the 8 steps)

Some bookmakers want you to reach a certain amount of money in bets on your account before they allow you to withdraw your bonus. Sometimes this is 2x the amount. So if your bonus bet was for $20 you have to make $40 in bets before you can withdraw.

If we win when we place our free bet and the money ends up in the bookies and not the exchange we have torepeat the qualifier bet once moreto reach the turnover amount and extract our winnings. At the moment in the tutorial below, you dont need to worry about this as Sportsbet dont have an extra turnover requirement on their bonus bets. That is the reason they are a great first no risk matched bet.

I have added the easiestsign up bonuseshere, these have the lowest turnover requirements making them easy to extract +70% profit.

NB. T&Cs can change so always read the terms and conditions. Mainly looking out for the minimum odds and turnover requirements.

This is the money you need to have in your Betfair account to cover the Lay the bet. The bigger the bonus you go for means you will need more money in Betfair to make sure the Back and Lay bets cancel each other out. Ourfree matched betting calculatorprovided in the steps tells you the exact amounts needed.

If we use a free bet of $10 at odds of 5.00(4/1) we will win $40 so to lay this bet to cancel out the chance of it losing and ensuring we can get our free bet we must put $40 in the (Lay) Betfair account.

Eg. If the 5.00backbet wins in the bookie we would win $40, to make sure we are not risking anything we need tolaythe bet at 5.00 on the exchange with alay stakeof $10.00. So in this example, we would need to put $40 into Betfair exchange to neutralise the bet.

So below is the result no matter what happens. Usually, to get our free bet we lose a few cents or dollars depending on how much we are placing. Dont worry we make this back with a hefty profit, this is why its called no risk matched betting ?

That is how we will be placing a bet to qualify for our bonus without losing our original deposit. Once this bet finishes our money will be either in the exchange (Betfair) or the online bookies(Sportsbet). Then we withdraw our initial deposit and repeat the process to turn the bonus bet into cash with no gambling. It may sound complex but its not, just take your time and follow the steps EXACTLY as they are laid out.

So to complete the tutorial we are going to be using the soccer market .auto get our free bonus bet, again if you already have an account or have trouble getting the bonus you can try any of the bookmakershere. We will also need to calculate exactly how much to lay on the exchange to cancel out the back bet as the odds vary on both sites. We have thematched betting calculatorthat does all this math for is for us, this is explained in the guide.

Following the guide you will make a profit of 70%+ of your initial deposit in profit in about 30 minutes. Remember dont rush it and double check everything as you go along to make sure everything adds up for you. See you on the other side, slightly richer ?

For this guide, I deposited $50 granting me a $50 free bet (with this I can expect around $35 risk-free profit).If you deposited any other amount and were awarded a different bonus, just enter this instead of the $50 in my examples. Remember you do not lose or risk this initial deposit, you get it all back with your profit.

This is where well be getting our sign-up bonus that we turn into risk-free profit. We place our initial back bet here with the bookmaker, below is an example of a back bet. Clicking this option on a Sportsbet soccer match means that you arebacking Germany to WINthe match at 1.75 odds.

The easiest offer to start with is Sportsbet who are offering a bonus bet of up to $250. So when you deposit any amount up to $250 they will match it with a 100% bonus bet that we will turn into guaranteed profit. So start with whatever amount you are comfortable with(dont worry well be getting this deposit back +  approx 70% of the bonus amount in cash with no risk involved).

You canclick here for the Sportsbet $250 Bonus. Once signed up come back and continue.

Note: If you are from WA, NSW,SA, VICand have trouble getting a sign-up bonus thenread this for help.

Betfairis the betting exchange website where we bet against other people and play the role of the bookie. This is where we will place ourlay betstraight after our back bet.

Again,below is an example of a lay beton the same game on Betfair (betting that Germany willNOTWIN, this covers the draw and England win options), remember the lay bet is in red and this neutralises our placed bet with Sportsbet protecting us from all outcomes and keeping our money used to qualify for the bonus.

This is essential to make things really simple when using the calculator later. Most sites use decimal as default, but if the odds are displayed in a fraction there is usually an option in the settings or account tab that lets you change this. The chat support feature is excellent on most betting sites though so any issues finding it you can just ask.

To withdraw our bonus bet into cash we must first bet through the value of our deposit. Dont worry we get it back. The terms and conditions of this bet state that we need to pick odds of 1.5 or higher (Always double check T&Cs  yourself and ask on the online chat or check the terms attached to the bonus bet as the minimum odds can change)

The goal here is to find low odds that are similar to both back and lay, we wont be doing this manually, to find the best odds we will use the no riskmatched betting Oddsmatcher belowto find the best game to place our qualifier bet on. You only need to sign up for the free version to use find odds for Sportsbet/Betfair.

Two things are important here, we want to find the game with a very lowqualifier lossto maximise our total profits. In the Oddsmatcher when it mentions a team name under the tab bet this is who we back, if it says draw then we back the draw and then lay against a draw onBetfair.

Leave this tab open and as soon as you pick your match, write it down somewhere with the back and lay odds. Then come back and proceed to the next step. I have explained below how to use the Oddsmatcher to find the best match.

Green Select this to filter to only show Sportsbet and Betfair matches

Blue   We can pick the bookie we are using, for this bet its

Purple We select only the exchange that we are using so only select Betfair.

Below is my selection for this tutorial. Germany V England at back odds of 1.75 and lay odds of 1.76. The tab beside with the figure 9321 is to show me that there is plenty of liquidity in Betfair so there will be no problem having this bet accepted on the exchange.

NB: Oddsmonkey has recently (01/11/17) stopped the use of Sportsbet in the free version, for this step you can sign up to the free version of Bonusbank instead to use their Sportsbet Oddsmatcher for free. When you log in it is called the ATM (Automatcher)

Click Here To Sign Up For the Oddsmatcher (Free Version)

Its always a good idea to check the T&Cs of the bonus bets. Generally, minimum odds to qualify for the free bet are 1.5 or 2.0. For this Sportsbet qualifier it is 1.5 but always double check on live chat as this can change over time.

This will tell you how much you need to place on your lay bet on Betfair to cover all outcomes and ensure you do not lose your initial deposit. You can expect to make a small qualifier loss aim for less than 5%. Considering you will be getting a 70% profit from the bonus bet this is not an issue.

This is the calculation I used for the $50 example, simply change the stake and odds to the ones you have found for your qualifier bet. You can see here my outcome is a qualifier loss of $1.39 and then I am awarded the $50 bonus bet which we later turn into a profit.

Back stake Enter the amount of money you are betting to obtain your free bet, in this example it is $50 to obtain a $50 free bet.

Back odds Enter the Back Odds you have written down.

Lay odds Enter the Lay odds you have written down.

Lay Commission Leave this at 5% (Its a Betfair fee and is standard)

Liability is what we lose on the exchange if the Lay bet loses and the back bet wins. If this happens we are liable to lose $38.89 on the lay bet with Betfair but we will then win this amount on the back bet (Sportsbet) and the loss will be cancelled out.

After this is calculated you can see thatthe stake you need to lay on Betfair is $51.17at the odds of 1.76.

Now you can use our calculator to find out what you need to lay on Betfair to cancel out your back bet. Make sure the bet type is set to Qualifier/Arb for this step.

Firstly find the game from the Oddsmatcher on both Sportsbet and Betfair and make sure the odds are correct and have not changed.

Place the back bet on to the amount that you deposited for the free bet. In this example, I will BACK Germany $50 at the odds the Oddsmatcher gave of  1.75.

Next, we find the correct odds for the lay, when you navigate to the correct game you may have to select View full market to see all the lay options.

Once you can see all the options on the game select the RED odds to lay the bet, we are betting against Germany to win to cancel out the backed bet we made with Sportsbet bet so make sure the odds are what the Oddsmatcher gave us for the lay bet. In my case 1.76.

Once you click on this and add it to the betting slip to the right you must enter thebacker stake.This is the LAY STAKE that the calculator gave us that will ensure the two bets cancel each other out.

So now with both bets placed we are left with two outcomes after the game. Either Germany win the match and theback bet(Sportsbet)wins or they do not win (lose or draw) and then theLay bet wins (Betfair)Below is what will happen no matter what the result is as per the calculator we used.

So we lose $1.39 from our initial $50 stake, so we then withdraw the $48.61 back to our accounts where it is safe. Now we have a $50 bet to extract the profit from in the next step.

Okay now with your original money secure minus the small Acceptable loss we can withdraw this back onto our card and extract the money from the free bet.

To get the cash from the free bet we follow the same steps but this time in the Oddsmatcher we need to find a game with close odds but this time odds above 3,0 to maximise our guaranteed return on the free bet.

After you find the match enter the odds again into the calculator but this time select FREE BET to get the new calculation. This will tell you the profit that you will make from the free bet. You will never get 100% of the bonus bet value in cash back because the stake is generally not returned and this lowers the profit slightly. (No big deal we are making a lot of cash)

NB: You need to enter the stake not returned amount, usually just the same as the free bet amount as you dont get this amount back in your winnings as its a bonus bet and not your cash yet. You can confirm on live chat with the bookmaker that the free bet stake is not returned with the winnings. Although this is the case 95% of the time.

After you enter the odds into the calculator you then make your back bet (Using your full free bet amount) on Sportsbet and Lay it on Betfair using the Lay Stake that the calculator gives you (In this example my lay stake was $36).

As we can see below when either the Bookie (backed free bet) or Betfair (lay bet) win I get either $34.2 in profit in withdrawable cash in one of them.

NB: On this step, it is ESSENTIAL to set the bet type to FREE BET

So on the $50 free bet, I get $34.2 minus my acceptable loss from the qualifier bet which was $1.39 I will make a nice profit of $32.81 guaranteed.

All done, congratulations on completing the no risk matched betting guide and making your first profits. If you have any questions about no risk matched betting feel free to ask me at just leave a comment below.

Once you made your first profit with the tutorial you will be keen to keep it up, next I would recommend you start going through some of the other big bookmakers sign up bonuses before getting into any weekly promo offers that we use to profit from. You can find a list of the easiest ones to complete here.

Click Here for the easiest bonuses to start with!CommentsAlison

Hi Alison, Yes the same method will work anywhere you can receive a bonus or promotional offer, however always take a look at the TCs of the promos though to make sure NZ in included.

Im from NSW and have got through the Sportsbet and Bluebet bonuses already but im struggling to get the bonus from some of the other bookmakers, william hill just said no when I asked them on live chat, any ideas mate?

With the spring carnival, a lot of bookmakers were holding back the sign up bonuses because they had so many other promos going on so it might have been more difficult over the last week or two. Should be back to normal now I recently outlined the best way to get the bonuses awarded if you are having trouble getting one in a restricted state like NSW, WA etc.

Love your work mate. Ive just started out and am about to make some qualifying bets. Ive read all the Ts and Cs and have spoken to a few people on live chat. It seems Ill have to turn my winnings over from the free bet from the majority of the ones Ive looked at. Is this pretty standard?apologies if Ive missed that somewhere in the tutorial.

I figure Id just repeat the steps for the qualifying bet to take another small loss to withdraw free money? Thanks!

You are spot on, as per the tutorial step for the qualifier bet you will need to place this before withdrawing, this is to be expected. You should only make a small loss for each qualifier bet (less than 5%) and then you will make the 70%+ profit on the bonus bet so this is not a big deal.

Whenever you need to complete a turnover requirements to take profits out you simply place a back and lay qualifier bet.

Hi Dave Thank you for this tutorial! Ive been reading over it over the last week and Im still a bit confused on a couple things, that I find quite hard to explain. I understand in your first bet with your own money you come out clear, however Do you need to keep putting your own money into the exchange? Ive never really placed bets so its all new to me and trying to get my head around it before I jump in. Also Ive tried to find odd matchers from Australia but cant find any as straight forward as the one in your tutorial. Any suggestions? Thanks

Once you place your back and lay qualifier bet you can then withdraw that money from the bookmaker and put it into the exchange, this means you can then use this to lay against the bonus bet, using the calculator to see how much you need to place to retain 70% of the bonus bet no matter the outcome.

Make sure for the second part where you turn the bonus bet into profit that you set the calculator to free bet as opposed to the default qualifier bet

Hi, I just went through the sportsbet bonus and found it easier than I imagined. Do you recommend leaving your profits in the bookmaker for a while to look like a regular bettor or is it okay to just take it out straight away when you finish with the bonus?

I have always just taken the profits out straight away, when I was starting out I would then load them back into the exchange so I can move on to the next bookmakers sign up bonus bet. I never had any issue, in fact I think most regular punters would take profits out anyway so I wouldnt worry about it.

Once Ive gone through all the bonuses, could I do it all again with my partners details.

Most bookmakers will limit the sign up bonus to 1 per household and IP address, you would need to look at the TCs before. It is however possible to do it for friends or family who have a different address though. Also in most cases you can still make the most of all the weekly promotions and bonus offers though.

I have finished the Sportsbet bonus offer and made a tidy profit, is it possible to just sign up with another name and just do it again?

You need to verify each account you make with the bookmaker using your ID and proof of address when signing up. This prevents people from making multiple accounts, it is also against their TCs so not possible. Once the sign up bonuses are dried up take a look at the Daily offer and Blog page to see how to keep making profits from the weekly promos.

I was so close to getting started however my attempt was halted by the Oddsmatcher restrictions. Since I went with the free version, the only bookmakers it allows me to view is Betfred and Coral. What can I do to view Sportsbet? Please keep in mind I did not forget to filter the results. The Oddsmatcher simply prohibits the use of Sportsbet and Betfair analytics without a paid membership.

Just send me an email hen you want close odds for the qualifier bet and I will search some for you.

Me and a mate both did this with $500 (had to split it up into 2 bets because the liability)

But after it was all done we made over $370 in profits.

Im still nervous because of T/Cs, differences with bookies and worried ill make a mistake with not picking good enough odds but as long as I take my time and follow your steps Ill be sweet.

Only tough part is finding the right match to bet on with the best return and not needing a massive money cant always be that simple hahaha. More times i do it the better.

Hahaha, cheers for the love, Im kind of a big deal around here :-p

The best thing is now you can just repeat the same steps if your mate sets up his account and gets a sign-up bonus for his account.

If you are ever worried about TCs just make sure to jump on live chat and ask them the minimum odds and turnover requirements, then take a screenshot just in case they change them (never happens, but for peace of mind).

Just stick with the mainstream bookmakers and you will be fine. Sportsbet, Crownbet Tab, William Hill Luxbet are the first ones I would get through. When you get these 5 bonuses finished you will be well in the profits and you can also start playing their weekly promos to make some good steady income over time.

I have tried it, its work however i forgot to put Stake Not Return on my free bet, would it be a problem? also just wondering regardless which bookmakers we are using you can go on betfair and lay your bet there without looking whether that bookmakers is in betfair or not (oddmonkeys free account doesnt show all bookmakers, its only showing 2 UK basked bookmakers)

Make sure going forward that if the stake is not returned with your bonus bet (this is the case 95% of the time and with Sportsbet) that you enter the stake not returned amount into the calculator.

Yes, you can use Betfair as the betting exchange for all the matched bets you place regardless of what bookmaker you are trying to get a bonus from.

If you need odds you can just email me and I can find some for you, sometimes Oddsmonkey restricts the Australian bookmakers in their free trial. Just message me if this is the case and I can check for you.

Hi in the example step 7B im a bit confused. If i place a back bet of $50 on sports bet at $1.75. And place a lay bet on betfair of $38.88 at $1.76 the two outcomes are as follows.

If Sports bet wins i get $87.5 including my $50 bet so im in the positive by $37.5. I then lose $38.88 on betfair and im down $1.38. Makes sense.

However if the lay bet wins i get 38.881.76 = 68.42 including my bet. So im now in the positive by $29.54. I then lose my $50 bet with sportsbet and im in the negative $20.45. Am i missing something.

I entered your odds and stake ($50) into the calculator. In your example, you are placing the wrong lay stake. If you are placing a qualifier bet of $50 on Sportsbet at the odds 1.75 and laying at odds of 1.76 the calculator tells us that the Lay stake required:$ 51.17

(not $38.88 as you mentioned, this is the liability amount you need in the exchange, not the lay stake as mentioned on the calculator)

Placing your back bet @ $50 and lay bet @ $51.17 will leave you with a qualifier loss of $1.39 no matter the outcome of the game and you would then be able to use your $50 bonus bet to turn into a $35+ guaranteed profit.

Thanks for explaining all of this. Ill give it a go for sure and let you know what happened.

No problem at all mate, just remember to take it slow the first time you do it and make sure you understand how it all works and you will be fine. If you have any questions or have trouble finding close back/lay odds just let me know.

Hi Barry how did you go? I stumbled across this yesterday and are completely confused!

If you need anything explained further just email me atand I will help you out.

Is this only available for first time users on sports bet? I.e those applicable for sign up bonus bets?

If you already have a Sportsbet account you can move on to the other free bonus bets from the rest of the online bookmakers. The reason I use Sportsbet in my tutorial to start is because it is the easiest to complete. However, once the sign-up bonus bets are complete you can keep making profits with all the bookmakers.

We do this with the weekly promotions they offer. They are posted in the Facebook group. If you want to get involved let me know atand I can add you.

I cannot find any Australian sites on Oddsmonkey oddsmatcher, I presume I cannot sign up to any of the UK bookies (or can I ? ) The free version only gives 2 UK bookies, any advice to give me Dave.

To do this in the UK you would need a UK proof of address to verify with the bookmakers. Regarding the 2 bookies available with the free version. This is only the case on some free accounts and hopefully it reverts back soon.

In the meantime if you have trouble finding close odds to place your qualifier bet just let me know atand I can help you.

A good way to manually find close back and lay odds, go for the AFL/NRL games, you can always find very low qualifier losses with these. Then to get the profit from the free bet the EPL (English Premier League) usually has good close back and lay odds to get a guaranteed 70%+ profit on your bonus bet.

I was using the odds matcher today and when I limited my search to sports bet nothing showed up. Does this mean there are no matches available??/

If you have trouble finding close odds to place your qualifier and bonus bet just let me know atand I can help you find a good game.

A good way to manually find close back and lay odds, go for the AFL/NRL games, you can always find very low qualifier losses with these. Then to get the profit from the free bet the EPL (English Premier League) usually has good close back and lay odds to get a guaranteed 70%+ profit on your bonus bet.

Hello, do you need a new email address every time you want to try this again? How do you continue to receive the match bet?

Only one email address is required, once the initial sign-up bonus bets are complete from all the bookmakers you can keep making profits. At this stage, you should be up about $2000+.

We then use the weekly promotions they offer. They are posted in the Facebook group. If you want to get involved let me know atand I can add you.

Ive just moved to New Zealand from the uk. Are most Aussie bookie promos open to NZ residents as well?

The best thing to do is jump on the live chat feature on the bookmaker website and confirm if members for NZ can join. If so then the process will be the exact same.

Hey Dave.. Can people from Uganda Africa do matched betting as well?

Essentially any country that has an online bookmaker awarding free bonus bets you will be able to do this. I do not know if this is the case in Uganda.

Hi Dave, I understand the mechanics of this system. What I dont understand is what do you do when you bet your first free bonus. Do you get other bonuses every time you bet? Cheers Andrew

once the initial sign-up bonus bets are complete from all the bookmakers you can then focus on sustaining profits each week. At that point, you should be up about $2000+ in profit from the sign up bets.

We use the weekly promotions they offer. They are posted in the Facebook group. If you want to get involved let me know atand I can add you.

Dave, Im from the U.S. and have a couple questions. Is this legal in the U.S. and if so what sites do you suggest?

As of now I am only knowledgable about the Australian and UK markets. This method would however work with any bookmaker that lets you sign up and that offers promotional and bonus bets.

Hey just curious. If i put a soccer bet on. Team a to win back bef and team a to loose lay bet. If team a and team b draw i loose everything right?

After you bet on team A to win with the bookmaker, on the exchange you are then betting that team A will simply not win the game.

The difference here is that this covers any outcome that involves team A not winning. So both a Team B victory or a Draw

I hope this clears things up a little, the lay always covers the other possibilities of the out