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Our goal is to give you access to the most comprehensive, boldest, biggest directory of todays best bingo sites in the UK. We go the extra mile to make sure you have all the information you need right at your fingertips when choosing where to play bingo. We dont just collect reviews, our team of bingo experts sign up to each site and play the games on offer for themselves so that we can provide a detailed overview of the experience you can expect for yourself.

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New Customers Only. 18+. T&Cs Apply. Wagering Requirements Apply.

5 bonus cash available only to 18+ new players who provide valid debit or credit card details. A wagering requirement of 8x bonus funds (40) must be met prior to cashing out. Bonus funds valid for bingo games only. T&Cs apply.

Our panel of reviewers use a range of different factors to evaluate UK bingo sites:

What bonuses are on offer? We assess the promotional codes and bonuses that are available and keep you up to date on who is offering what.

What payment options are available? We know that you look for a variety of payment methods, thats why we look for sites that offer PayPal, credit card and other payment options.

What payout percentages are available? The best bingo sites offer their players a high percentage payout and ensure the statistics are clearly displayed at all times.

What mobile bingo apps are available? More and more bingo enthusiasts are playing bingo on their mobile phones. We let you know what apps are available and where.

Is the site secure? We assess what security measures are in place and only recommend those sites that ensure your safety and confidentiality.

How effective is the graphic design? The aesthetics of a bingo site can have a huge impact on your user experience. We evaluate the graphic design of every site and take this into consideration in our rankings.

How active is the sites community? Bingo is a social activity. Just because youre playing from the comfort of your home shouldnt mean you cant interact with fellow bingo players. We assess the sites community and associated moderators and let you know what level of interaction you can expect.

Is there a wide choice of games? Many players like to switch it up a little and enjoy bingo in a variety of formats and games. We let you know who is offering what.

You have a wide choice of bingo sites to choose from in the UK, and you need information that can help you make a well-informed decision about which site to sign up for. In addition to our comprehensive reviews, we also provide information articles, detailed charts, and the latest news and gossip on whats going on in the bingo world. All our resources are designed to help you find the bingo site that is perfect for you.

Remember, the top ten list of sites presented above is limited to those who received the highest scores during our reviews. As such, those are the sites at which you can expect to have the best online bingo experience.

Bingo is no longer just the 90-ball game it once was, and there are now a wide variety of online bingo games available. All of the sites that we recommend offer a wide choice of different bingo games including 90-, 80-, and 75-ball options. The majority of them will also offer special edition, TV-themed games, mini games, and may also run casinos and slot machines.

While new, innovative games are available, the oldest forms of bingo are still the most popular. The 90-ball game, which is also referred to as Australian or British bingo, is played with 90 different numbers for each letter of the wordbingo. The 75-ball game, the American version of the game, is played with 75 different numbers per letter.

In addition to the British and American versions of the game, there is also the less common 80-ball game. This is often played as a diversion or side-event and can be won in a number of different ways, including the following:

By completing a full line, getting four corners of the board, or filling the four middle squares.

As above, but with the addition of a full house. It is possible for the same person to win both games.

Four rounds of one line. The first winner gets a full vertical line, the second two vertical lines, the third three vertical lines, and the fourth a full house.

If youre new to the online bingo scene, you may wish to test out the online experience before putting your cash on the table. The majority of sites offer you the option to play free of charge so that you can test the waters without losing your money. You may be required to register for an account, but then you can enjoy the online experience free of charge.

Some of the free online bingo sites even offer players a chance to win some money. While the bigger payouts are reserved for customers who have paid to play, the chance to win a bit of cash means that you really should sign up for a free bingo game; you have nothing to lose!

Our top ten list contains an overview of the best bingo sites in the UK according to our stringent review process. There is a wide range of reasons as to why a site may appear in the top ten; however, you can be fully confident that all the sites that do appear in this list offer you a chance to play great games, offer great deals, and come with great features. Securing a spot on our monthly top ten is no mean feat, and the best sites in the industry go head to head in a bid to gain a much-coveted place.

You may be shocked to hear that there are currently over 450 bingo sites in the UK. As bingo is a pretty straightforward game, assessing which sites are the best involves much more than simply testing out the platform and interface. When we produce our reviews, we look at a wide range of factors including promotions and bonuses, site support, user interface, availability of mobile apps, diversity of games, and much, much more. Our expert panel of bingo players impartially assess every bingo site that is currently available in the UK to give you the information you need.

The bingo sites that are available in the UK are continually evolving. As such, we need to keep our fingers on the pulse of what sites are doing what. We update our top ten list on a regular basis, and this means the sites that feature in the list change frequently. To get a spot in our top ten, bingo sites need to offer a range of functionality including good customer service, attractive offers, friendly chat hosts, diverse games and bingo rooms, a generous jackpot, and player-friendly terms and conditions. While only ten sites can make our list, we also offer a comprehensive directory of every bingo website that is out there in order for you to find the best.

If youre looking for the best bingo site, look no further than our top 10 comparison table.


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